Sacramento Classic Eyelash Extension Training Course


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Sacramento’s Best Choice for Classic Eyelash Extension Training.  Start Today! Only $495 and No Kit Fee!

Sacramento’s most exclusive eyelash extension salon. The Lash Addict offers our unique classic eyelash extension training course to the licensed public!  What makes us different? 

  • Private, one-on-one hands-on training. We bring over 10 years experience to personally guide you through the process. We will be with you every step of the way and give you the attention you need to succeed.  
  • Focused hands on training. Never pay to model for another trainee. Our course offers you theory, dummy lash practice and time lashing a live model. 
  • Flexible training schedule. Don’t wait months to begin training!  Train immediately in a course that fits into your schedule! Get certified and begin earning at your new career! *Most students are certified same day.
  • Pay as you go! No ridiculous up front fees.  $495 gets you started!  Only pay for the training you need!
  • No overpriced kit. Try your hand at several tool options and choose only what you’d like to purchase. Our top quality materials and supplies are carefully selected to be just what you need. No more and no less.
  • Client referral program. Be the name we give our clients when asked who we recommend!
  • Possible job opportunity with The Lash Addict. Benefit from our reputation, web presence and walk-ins!  Build your clientele as part of our team!
  • Learn TRUE healthy lashing. The Lash Addict’s mission is to provide healthy lash services with the highest integrity. Careful isolation, proper lash selection and meticulous application is what makes The Lash Addict the best.  
  • Learn the secrets of a successful salon. Train in a functioning salon and learn what you need to know to get your lash business started!   

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